Collection or delivery in person

If you are within a 10 mile radius of us (RM4 postcode) we can arrange to deliver direct to you at a convenient time.  Collections can be arranged


Goods charged by credit card are usually despatched within 2 working days subject to availability. Delivery charges are stated at checkout, delivery is free for all orders over £150 (please see returns policy for how free shipping affects your refund). Delivery will always be made to the address provided by you. Once goods have been delivered to you or your nominated address, The Abridge Tack Room will not be liable for their subsequent loss or damage. If your order has not been received within 3 working days of the dispatch email notice, please first contact your local Post Office and sorting office as these are the places our undelivered parcels are usually taken. You should also receive a ‘failed delivery’ card through your letterbox stating time/date the delivery was attempted. Any customer who fails to act on a ‘failed delivery’ card and the item is subsequently returned to The Abridge Tack Room (you usually have 5 working days to act on the failed delivery) will be asked to pay the cost of re-shipping the item back out to them. If you do not receive the parcel or a failed delivery card within 3 working days you should contact The Abridge Tack Room by replying to the dispatch email. In the unlikely event of an item being out of stock and taking longer than 30 days to deliver you will be notified via email and offered a full refund if you chose to cancel your order.


Returns Policy

General Returns Summary

We are happy to exchange or refund items not suitable subject to our Returns Policy. On receipt and inspection of your goods (please note: the law states inspection means examine and does not permit you or your horse to wear or use the items) you deem them as unsuitable and wish to return them you must notify us you wish to cancel the sale within 7 days of receipt of your goods either by email or by letter. We will then send you a return form via email together with a unique return code. No items will be accepted back to The Abridge Tack Room without a return code, return form and invoice/copy invoice, the latter was sent with your order. If these conditions are not adhered to items will be returned back to the sender at the sender’s expense. All items must be returned to our premises within 7 days of us issuing you with a returns code and return form, at the sender’s expense. We recommend you use a ‘signed for’ or ‘recorded’ service.

The Abridge Tack Room is not responsible for the goods until they are back in our possession. Where an exchange of goods has been sanctioned we reserve the right to charge you our costs for posting the exchange goods back out and always for exchange of sale/clearance ranges (please see notes below if you are purchasing from those ranges).

Where a refund has been sanctioned we will refund correctly returned items, within 28 days of item receipt to The Abridge Tack Room, via the same method as payment was made. Items purchased from any of our clearance ranges that are returned for a refund will be subject to a 10% or £2 minimum, £5 maximum restock fee.  To keep prices low, but service high The Abridge Tack Room must charge the small restock fee for items purchased then returned for refund from sections stated above.

Items sold under special offer e.g. buy one get one free items, package sets and wholesale items must be returned as a whole, we cannot refund individually when items are sold as part of a set. We would also ask you return any items gifted to you as part of one of our special offers, if you return the purchased item for a refund. If you would like to keep the gifted item the market value will be deducted from your refund.


Standard or actual postage incurred (whichever is the greater with prices on application) will be deducted from refunds on correctly supplied returns. All shipping fees are subsidised by The Abridge Tack Room, please take this into consideration when your refund is issued. Actual shipping costs will not be refunded. Shipping charges incurred by The Abridge Tack Room are available on request.

Any item returned in less than perfect conditions e.g. Items not in original packaging, creased, marked, tags missing, incomplete or rugs tried on horses without the use of a cotton sheet underneath resulting in hair on returned rug making it unfit for re-sale.

  • Any item sent back without the correct paper work
  • Special Orders i.e. orders made to individual specifications, design or measurements
  • Undergarments, riding hats, jewellery, horse bits, lotions, potions and powders. (If unsure please email before you buy)
  • Customers requesting a return after 7 days of receipt of item.
  • Items returned after 7 days of return form issued


General Notes

Please take care of your items when examining them; it is your legal duty to do so. We cannot make a full refund on saddles that are marked in any way, including marks on girth straps. We will not refund leather boots that have creases or that have been worn outside. When trying on leather boots if the boot does not do up easily - then the boot does not fit you - if you try to force them the zip may burst. When trying a rug on your horse, please do so over a cotton sheet, we will not accept any rugs on our premises that have been dirtied (Health and Safe Act 1972) For safety reasons all equine attire is made to break under pressure through incident, bad fit, etc… for example; we are not responsible for tears in rugs, tight straps breaking when horse rolls, buckles giving on ill fitting rugs, head collars breaking if horse pulls back are just a few examples of how horse attire can be damaged the list is endless but please use common sense and question how the item has become damaged before you complain the item is at fault. The above also applies for human attire. In the event you force zips/break straps etc, causing damage to items you are in breech of your statutory rights whilst examining an item, so please take reasonable care of the item in your possession, to avoid making it invalid for refund.

 If you return an item as damaged and we suspect that you have deliberately tampered with or broken the item and claimed goods were faulty on issue we will take the necessary action to recover losses in court and involve the police to deal with any criminal fraud. Goods returned under complaint must be clean/dry (Health and Safe Act 1972) and will not be accepted back on our premises without prior consent from The Abridge Tack Room. Goods returned under complaint will be examined by our Quality Control Team on return who may seek further expert advice when needed. This process may take up to 28 days before we can tell you of any outcome. Wear and use of an item prior to the item developing a fault will be taken into consideration when issuing a refund on an item returned under complaint and subsequently if we agree an item is faulty a refund will be made on that basis. If a customer uses an item after fault has appeared under English Law the customer is deemed as accepting the fault. All Returns of any nature must include a return code and relevant paperwork mentioned in our general return policy. It is the customer’s responsibility returning any goods under complaint back to The Abridge Tack Room.